Stallion Stud Services

Home of De Blue Bear

"A stud with his capabilities

only comes around once in a blue moon"

Dash For Cash (1973)

Rocket Wrangler (1968)

Cash Legacy (1985)

Find a Buy (1966)

De Blue Legacy (1991)

Fols Roan Teena (1984)

Sweet Legacy (1979)

Fol's Native (1976)

Roan Teena (1974)

Secretariat (1970)

Greek Victress (1965)

Heisanative (1969)

Long Chance (1971)

Roan Light (1958)

De Blue Bear (June 12th, 1997)

Dark Teena (1959)

Tonto Bars Hank (1958)

Pros Pretty Muscles (1992)

Mr Muscles Malone (1981)

Do Do Chick (1970)

Bella's Bar (1973)

Project Excellence (1981)

Triple Flit (1962)

Tripolay Bar (1961)

Red Joe Bella (1962)


Cotton Jenny

Miss Windy Pro(1987)

Net Profit

Diane Gee (1968)

Reta Lilly

American Quarter Horse Stallion Standing at Stud on western slope in Delta, Colorado

QUARTER HORSE STALLION STUD SERVICES located on the western slope - Montrose /Delta, Colorado